Just was wanting everyone s opinion what type of gas do you run in your bikes...


Just was wanting everyone's opinion what type of gas do you run in your bikes and why regular, mid-grade or premium im just wanting to figure out if one is better then the other for my bike i ride a 2012 honda shadow spirit 750

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  • Premium made mine run rough

  • These bikes are not made to.run on premium

  • '03 750ccNo difference seen, I've tried everything up to 110 with the exception of e87. lately I have been running 87 w/ethonal issue free

  • 89- ethanol free. Just because; if you let your bike seat for s lil bit you won't build up any water deposit in the tank. In my town of Charlotte, NC only two brands of gas station offer an ethanol free option and its 2.79-2.98 per gallon. I ride an 03 Spirit 750

  • Premium gas. 93 octane. It runs cooler and seems to perform better. 04 spirit 1100. For all the more you put in your really not spending that much extra.

  • If you're running the lower octane fuel listen for pinging. If you hear that then go up in octane. I've ran everything in my 02 1100 shadow and the milage you pick up is off set by the price. The majority of the 46000 miles I put on the bike I've ran ethanol. I've always put regular in before storage and never had a problem.

  • Anything higher than 87 is for higher compression engines.

  • On the modifications on the vlx 600, it said that running premium would not add any hp.

    Straight pipes, increased air flow, and re-jetting carbs, however, does

  • 2015 Shadow 750 and nothing but premium, no ethanol

  • Premium during summer, regular during cold. I did the timing mod, so I run premo during summer to keep from pinging.

  • Regular