Just wired in the cables to the battery on my biffa so i can plug in my Keis...

Just wired in the cables to the battery on my biffa so i can plug in my Keis heated jacket. To some I imagine it would be nothing major to do, but to me it felt like I just completed surgery. Feeling very pleased with myself.

  • Well done Claire and enjoy keeping toasty mate!

  • It's always a great feeling when you manage a job, now get the manual downloaded and get your oil and filters changed, then brake pads, it's all basic stuff and very satisfying knowing you have done it yourself. Find a friendly local who will hold your hand so you don't make a mistake

  • Oh and you will be able to use all those words from rogers profanasourous when you skin your knuckles or drop a bolt into a small space

  • I got the Haynes manual for Christmas

  • Claire watch delboys garage on YouTube... teach you all the basic stuff, there is a great forum too, if you get stuck always someone to help. Where you based? If your reasonably local I will give you a hand... I don't break many things so I'm not too bad

  • Ah thanks. I have a few biker mates who are spot on mechanics & always willing to help. I just wanted to do this myself & hopefully will gain the confidence to do more myself. I live on Walney Island the most southern point of Cumbria x

  • Claire what an awful place to live... Cumbria is so ugly

  • Ha ha. Yeah am pretty lucky as I live by the beach & am only 30 mins from the Lake District. Such a shit-hole

  • Nice one just makes life that little bit warmer one run I put my power lead back to my battery the other day bloody wires everywhere so I'm now working on something to make life easier with things like that so watch out for future posts an I may let you in on a secret lol

  • Well done you.

  • I have the same jacket but also the undertrousers. Travelling for a year in the states they are one of the best bits of kit i brought