• Just wondering what kind of tyres do other owners use

    Just wondering, what kind of tyres do other owners use?

    • Michelin PR3 at the mo

    • Pirelli Angel GT (y)

    • pilot road 3 Michelin

    • PR3

    • Bridgestone and they work well when very cold

    • I did have Michelin pilot road 3/4 tyres, but I seemed to get quite a few punctures and last puncture I had on the rear wouldn't plug properly and kept losing air, so I'm trying dunlop roadsmart 3 on the back now, they seem to be doing the job so far

    • I have just replaced my PR4 front and rear after one year and 12000km. I asked for PR4 for my brand new bike instead of the original tyres because I feel that they are really good on wet roads. This is my third CBF 1000 bike.. A red, a white, and now a black...just the bike that fits me well..

    • This might sound odd, but, although I have the PR, I really dislike the look of the thread pattern. I know I shouldn't care, and its all about the performance, but hey, just being honest!

    • Bridgestone battlax 023 sports tourer tyre

    • PR4's for me.