Just wondering what peoples views are on covering a bike over winter i haven t...


Just wondering what peoples views are on covering a bike over winter,i haven't got a garage and can't get the bike around the back,my bike is usually laid up for winter as i have a winter hack,so this year i sprayed with Acf 50 put a cover on and then a tarp over the top and bungee'd it down but am thinking that a single bike cover may be better as though it won't be as thick it will dry out quicker as still seem to be getting quite a bit of condensation,am sure somebody will come along with some scientific answer

%d comments
  • I used to ride it straight into the house -let it watch tv with me and i would have an extra 2 seats for guests

  • Only real issue is condensation but acf should take care of that

  • Unfortunately I have nowhere to store my bike, so it gets a coat of WD40 and left outside.

  • With a cover?

  • Condensation. Get an old sock and put cat litter in. Put in underneath cover and it will absorb any condensation. It works!

  • Can you put in on pallets, get on off the ground help reduce condensation n tyres getting cold

  • No cover. I have read that the covers make things worse.

  • Yer i read that somewhere,that much conflicting stuff out there

  • I didn't have a garage until 6 months ago mate

    I always used an Oxford aqua cover or one of the better ones from R&G an some a big tarp sheet from a pound shop an then if the weather was really bad if wrap my camping poncho over it all bunggee'd up an smothered it it an gt85 religiously........after washing of course