KAO Transmission Kits will soon be coming to Unique Scooter Parts They will...


KAO Transmission Kits will soon be coming to Unique Scooter Parts. They will ship out in a few days from Taiwan! Kits include Variator, Face plate, Weights, Torque Spring, Clutch and Clutch Bell

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  • What does the bell look like

  • Will the Belt come with it ?

  • and probably no belt. Only reason i include belts with the NCY kit is because its just left over stock that hasnt sold. I think i may have 1-5 belts left in the storage unit. If they are still around when these arrive then i will include them until i am out.

  • In your Honest Opinon Whitch is THE BEST Transmission Kit & why...please.

  • This one.

  • 100% honest. they all do the same thing. Its all about tuning to get the best out of them. Every tranny kit comes with the same products. Taiwanese brands are typically better quality as they are not mass produced with crap materials like Chinese products. Now. there is a kit we tested out a few years ago the Dr Pulley HIT clutch and just by swapping out the NCY kit with Dr Pulley and no tuning we gained 8 MPH. i would say Dr Pulley is #1 but it is expensive.

  • Okay not to be a smart-ass but if it's a transmission kit wouldn't include new transmission gears and bearings

  • CVT transmission... LMAO not the final gears.

  • Walt Jiminez I would like one please!

  • Its a up grade kit Franklin D Kent Jr not a rebuild kit its to up grade the trans not the rear final drive. Your transmission is separate from the rear end just no drive shaft like a car the reduction is still there like going from 4.10 to 3.73 in a truck has nothing to do with the trans. Cluch springs = stall conveter.. Sliders to rolers are like a 700r4 to a turbo 350 get my drift buddy

  • Once they arrive i will post them up for sale.

  • Personally I just bought this kit and it is AWESOME, the oversized clutch is money, I'm still dialing mine in,it was a great investment

  • How badass is it? Did you change the gears also? Looking forward to this

  • Would u do payments on this kit

  • No sorry. Save up. I will have plenty in stock.

  • I'm holding off on the gears until I decide on a big bore kit, I have a stock 150cc, no upgrades, just dialed in the carb. Runs like a champ, with the kit, you are open to a hole new range of 1.rpms and 2. Control over when your clutch engages. I looked at it like this, you can have all the horsepower in the world but you must first connect it to the ground. It has taken my stock Chuckus to a whole new level

  • What's the drive face look like?

  • I will let you know as soon as they arrive lol

  • What kind of business you running here!?! Lol

  • LMAO.

  • I'll be wanting one

  • Think I'm about to make a major life decision