Karl Barker shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


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  • but its not in the uk

  • Not available here!

  • "The baby Z spun the drum to the tune of 8.3 hp at 7800 rpm, and 6.5 lb-ft at 6100 rpm. For comparison, in stock form the Grom puts out 8.7 hp at 6700 rpm and 7.8 lb-ft at 5200 rpm."

  • Except Kwak don't have the legendary history of small bikes like Honda do

  • Except it's a Kawasaki and I'd rather ride a pink Honda Rebel if I had to choose between those two.

  • Kawasaki jumping on honda's gravy train.

  • Sounds a bit wrong that, or is that just my mind?

  • I have no control over everyone elses filthy filthy minds :p

  • Honda was first, kawi will always be second in my book.