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    Indicators, think I want to replace the big stock ones. I like the rizoma track 77 indicators - link here: http://www.rizoma.com/universa l/indicator-lights/fr023/en

    Couple of questions. 1). Are they ok to use on the front as well as the back. 2). Will I need to order anything else with them to install it (cables, mounts, etc)?

    • Thanks Jack. Much appreciated.

    • No problem bud, happy modding.

    • Sorry everyone, must be boring with all these questions. If I was to get this (or quite like some of the other rizoma led indicators), how easy are they to fit onto a tail tidy? Next step is to pick a tail tidy but don't want one that might not be compatible.

    • All depends on the tail tidy I guess mate, I think Aaron Mortimer has a tail tidy with aftermarket rear indicators? Might be worth asking him.

      Or get a Tyga one which comes with the indicators and relay

    • Thanks, actually, just remembered RJ said he had a tyga tail tidy and he has rizoma avios indicators so hopefully they will work with these.

    • No problem

    • Rizoma is a bit salty for me... I bought these from a UK seller and he sells a relay that works

      http://pages.ebay.com/link/?na v=item.view&alt=web&id=2618701 95979

    • Salty?

    • Expensive

    • Ah, yes, they are indeed.