Karl Weding shared Joey Lopez's photo to the group: Honda Bike...Lifan Motor.

  • Three monkeys on my CM90. :)

  • Boo....how long have you owned your Cub?...did you put that motor in it or buy it that way?...125cc????

  • I've had it nearly 20 years Karl.. It came to me as a free rolling frame, missing engine, tank, seat, lights etc.. I used the engine and 12v / cdi wiring from a rotten 1985 C90 to put it on the road. (it would have been 87cc pushrod originally) I installed this current engine in 2010.. It's a Wuyang 125cc 4-speed secondary clutch semi auto.

  • The engine freshly fitted... The pitbike sump guard is being used to space the pegs down to clear the wider clutch case. I later filed the sharp rim off the clutch casing and filled the 3 holes with solder. (Wuyang had a plastic logo cover on there which added unnecessary width and looked like it would keep heat in)

  • Clutch cover filed round and filled.. Much smoother on the ankle!

  • Engine came from one of these.. The mighty Wuyang WY125 24B!

  • Have you ever rebuilt your front fork lever bushings or are they still the original?

  • I really like the Chinese motors...I bought a left side cover for my Lifan...brand new from China...bought it off eBay...10 bucks free shipping from China...only took 2 weeks...same part from Honda would have been probably 75 bucks...

  • Still the original bushes... Monthly greasing schedule when I remember!

  • The monkey pic is so nice I couldn't resist editing an enhanced version.

  • From an episode of The Monkeys?