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Holy shit Batman!!! Finally a vintage looking Cub

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  • Love it!

  • If I could find one of these here in Canada for around $2500 I would be seriously tempted! :)

  • Interesting mixture.. C100 forks, bars etc. on a late model Deluxe frame.

  • Wow.. Just realised this is a production model! :) I thought it was somebody's custom job. ... Well done Lifan!

  • I thought the same thing...would have liked it better if they used the early style tank and frame

  • I suppose it's economy of production.. The integrated tank frame already being churned out by the thousand..

  • And plenty of the C100 replica legshields, mudguard (fender) and headlamp mount already being made in Thailand... I guess the only major tooling they'd have to do would have been the forks and handlebars.

  • I've seen the early style forks and rear swing arm offered from sellers in Thailand...they are repops

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  • Just a mixing and matching job by Lifan then! :) A very effective one! I wonder if they'll make it to either of our shores.

  • I hope so

  • Just noticed...the turn signals are vintage style :-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • -- It would be nice to see them shipped to the US. Check out this FB page and look at how many restored bikes are shipped here. https://www.facebook.com/TheHondaCubExchange

  • Lol, someday I'll have a cub... Still kicking my ass I passed on the project one for $500 last summer!

  • I've moticed quite a few C70 and 90 street cubs add the front plastic from the 60's cubs to get the same look.

  • Tail lamp looks modelled on the original 1958 shape too, though much enlarged.

  • If you can get to Thailand they'll cost just less than half that. :) 31000 Baht = $1156.175 Canadian.

  • It'd need a rear reflector fitting for UK legality... First Cubs in Britain (late '62) had these lights.

  • Lol, how come we never get the cool stuff over here?

  • ~~ Stewart, just me but I wouldn't give $500 for a project unless every original part was there, in really good shape and engine spins. And look at the cost of parts that will need replaced. Tires and tubes $90 min for a pair.

  • I think it was mostly all there, ad said the carb just needed put back on (I'm sure it needed more, but that was the ad). In my neck of the woods the cubs are scarcer than hen's teeth, probably end up with a CT90. Easier to find here :).

  • Notice it has both center and kick stands. Most of the US models I've seen only had one or the other.

  • I think the lack of centre stand was unique to C70 Passports.. Something to do with US safety regs.. Our UK Cubs lost the side stand in the early 1990s thanks to European safety regs.. Cheaper for Honda to get rid of completely rather than fit the required cut-out switch!