KCP boomerang walkaround


KCP boomerang walkaround

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  • Looking really good mate. Fit mine tonight.

  • Yeah they will really surprise you with the brightness of the led but besides that it is a really simple fit one tip is the orange and blue connectors that you have to undo inside the headlight have a lift tab and I spent a good 5 minutes trying to push it down :')

  • Those electrical tabs always confuse me! They look bright and that's in the sunshine - good job as they need to be!

  • If only they did gold ones :'(

  • The white MSX looks really good with billet aluminium and gold.

  • I run theses with me double stack LED headlight best investment

  • wow, another item added to my shopping list ;P

  • how do you like the double stack?

  • Its the best head light for the grom in my opinion there is no option between high and low beam both rows on and lights up everything