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  • Show a video on where to mount it..

  • do you have a ruck?

  • There problem solved

  • Chuck trike

  • They're made to fit the Ruckus and the Chuckus

  • Nice build!

  • Price??

  • Should compare it with a bluetooth speaker or something

  • how does it sound like when you're riding?

  • This is a new unit which is pretty loud, however please keep in mind that your riding conditions play a major factor in how much music you will actually hear.

    Parked audio is always louder than moving audio. Modified exhaust systems also drown out sound. For this reason, I design my units to mount in the front of the scooters to deliver front stage sound the same way car audio designs are. I hope this answers any questions you may have brother, if not feel free to respond, and I'll try my best to answer your questions more clearly.

  • I honestly don't compare my units to Bluetooth speakers due to the fact thar their internal components arent the same as what I use. Each design is designed to deliver a certain sound quality based on the amplifier used and natural acoustics of the design. Though my designs may look simple, a lot of thought goes into them. I have built full Bluetooth systems in the past, but wired connections always delivered stronger consistent sound in my opinion. One i figure out a cost effective way to produce a Bluetooth system that doesn't lose sq I'll put one out brother

  • Wat does something like this cost?? An are they water proof??