• Kyle De shared a link to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP.

    Who else washes there bike like this? Not me or my video. Found it on YouTube

    • I use a fine mist from my garden hose on a cold bike. I wash it with a solution of murphy's oil soap and usse a cloth (small towel) and fine rinse spray. Then dry with a towel and the murphy's leaves the paint and the chrome shiny clean.

    • What happens to a car when you drive it in deep water? Dry wheel bearings and electrical problems.

    • I use a pressure washer on mine. It does not come out as clean as hand washing. But I'm not a fanatic about my bike being so clean. My pressure washer is a 3100 PSI / 2.8 GPH unit and I use the strip nozzle (which is the next step harder than the wash nozzle).

    • I've actually never had that problem, neither have any of my friends. We'd take our jeeps through so much mud we couldn't see out any windows, and through so much water it'd be up to our knees inside.

    • Right, I'm sure you guys never turn a wrench or replace parts on them.

    • Broken parts from beating the hell outta of them. 3 blown transmissions and one busted rear ring gear. Couple broken u-joints. 1 blown radiator hose from a bad water pump. That was between all of us. They were also our daily drivers. And 2 of us drove an hour to and from the garage we worked at 6 days a week.

      Oh, and a few blown tires and bent body panels from trees and rocks.

    • I was my bike like that, have yet to have a problem. What I have had was crud coming of parts of the frame and swingarm I couldn't even see. Even if you don't do it regularly it's worth doing once in a while.

    • I often give the bike a quick blast of a power washer otherwise I would be hand washing it every week. Never had any issue.

    • Wax on , wax off . Take pride in that shine but if you don't have time this is a great idea for a quick clean.

    • This is EXACTLY how I wash my bike.

    • We do

    • I run mine into a drive thru car wash with me on it!

    • Lmao

    • i use a foam cannon, its gets in all tbe tigbt spots

    • 2 for 1. I like your style