• Lads Lassies what are the best tyres for the CBF1000 I would like a blend of...

    Lads & Lassies, what are the best tyres for the CBF1000? I would like a blend of good general grip with a longish life, as I do around 8-10k miles a year, as a recreational motorcyclist. Cheers.

    • I'm using T30s and the grip is excellent. Haven't had them long enough to comment on wear.

    • Mick, I've got around 3k on my tyres at the moment. Tread pattern still looks as good a new, but the rear tyre is definitely starting to get visibly squared off now. Still, on my previous Bridgestones, I was lucky to get 4k before running them down to the canvas, so I can't really complain.

    • You must ride very hard Mark, like a cowboy racing his horse to the nearest Wells Fargo station whilst being pursued by Indians:-)) However, not sure how long a bike tyre should last.

    • All depends on the bike and the tyre, but I usually work on between 3-5k for the rear and double that for the front.

    • Cheers Mark, very helpful!

    • If it ain't wearing it ain't working, long life and good grip are unlikely bedfellows.

    • I put a pair of pr3s on last September, replacing the pilot roads that were on when I bought it in May, the difference was like night and day, I ride in all weathers and haven't had a single slide on the pr3s ( I had lots on the pilot roads) done around 8000 miles on em now and the rear is squaring off a bit but they are still fab

    • Pirelli angel gt. The best tire I ever had on this bike. Easy to handle, very good grip even in wet conditions. I have got around 4000 km since february on the tires right now. They almost look like new. By the way, including 6 turns on Nürburgring...☺

    • Thanks, some great advice & good prices from that website Bryan. How much should I pay for fitting BTW?

    • I pay £10 per tyre but I take them off, I nearly had a thrombie when I got a price for ride in ride out!!!