• Lads n lasses. you know what time it is

    Lads n lasses... you know what time it is!!


    • I've changed profile to a real bike you grom pricks

    • I believe it's gay grom pricks ....

    • I apologise you GAY grom prick

    • I'm amazed at the hate for such an awesome bike

    • You can tell the difference between the ones who enjoy banter and the ones who have no idea what motorcycling should be about

    • Anyone been allowed on the page yet

    • As far as I was aware it doesn't matter what you ride as long as you enjoy it and are on a bike

    • Grom grom grom

    • As long as it's fun that's all that matters

    • Noo wait till tomorrow

      If you was on there before this you will know Friday is the day to troll

    • Oh shit it's Friday

    • I have a feeling Lucy is a bloke

    • They deleted my post

    • Ha ha that's made my day

    • Hahaha

    • Where am i looking?

    • Only real bikes...?!? i didn't realise groms were incorporeal

    • I got banned on there ages ago... can't even remember what for... sad times I do like a good troll.