Laid my bike down sadly Looking for a license place mount with license plate...

Laid my bike down sadly, Looking for a license place mount with license plate light that mounts over the original turn signal/license plate spot.

  • Hope you're ok. The bike can be fixed. Good time to customize.

  • You Ok though?

  • Yeah a little road rash couple bruised ribs, and a minor fracture in my foot..Nothing major

  • Duct tape

  • Sorry to hear it. Could you tell me what year and model this bike is?

  • I think I might have the one I removed. Will check in the am.

  • I appreciate it but after looking at some pictures, I'm thinking about getting a two in one led break light/turn signal...Now I'm looking for an after market just license plate mount that covers the old spot, without the signals...any ideas on that?

  • How hard would it be to make one?

  • Couldn't be to hard

  • Cruiser customising. Com

  • I got 1 !

  • After market just plate holder, out stock plate and signal?

  • No I have oem