Lance Ziolkowski shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero.

Here is the video of Hole Saw Mod with pipe.. how to make your bike louder and sound great.

  • Hard to tell by the video. I'd have to hear it in person. Making any trips to Erie Pa? Haha

  • Good video tho!

  • It takes a lot for me to smile like that. Trust me this mod get my two thumbs up.

  • And can you show a pic of what the baffle looks like cut out?

  • Baffle was first thing I did on bike.. long before I was doing vids.. ended up being a target for a 22lr and vanished one day after the abuse. The video shows the inside hole pretty good.

  • Although next July I generally take a trip up PA way.. do some camping just across the border in NY. Name that landmark ;)

  • Beemus point? Chautauqua? Allegheny? Cooks forest. :)

  • I camp in Allegheny. Long running tradition of having fun there

  • Camped there often. Cooks forest pretty nice to

  • I have one of these speakers from shark. The second came in damaged, and when they sent a replacement, they sent the wrong one. 2 years later, they still won't make it right. But, the speaker they sent has a beefier bracket. I have a feeling I'm going to be getting a pair of rumble roads soon. Well, after I take it in for the carb issue I still haven't fixed