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Mustang vs Stock seat. All vids I did a while back now added to youtube. be sure to subscribe to the channel. I'm going to be doing a lot more of these how to and product reviews.

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  • 50000% BETTER on my 750!!!

  • I'm not sure My buddy has the Mustang and yes it feels nice but you are kind of stuck in that one position with now where to move.

  • the stock seat allows you to stretch and move around a bit more

  • I am riding about 230 km's (150 miles) a day to work and back this year and I started with the stock seat this April/May and my back and hips were killing me...I couldn't ride more than a couple of days in a row...I picked up the Mustang Wide Touring with Back Rest (I wanted an Ultimate Seat...but the I got the Mustang on special so it was almost $400 cheaper than the Ultimate) and can ride all week as well as for fun on the weekend with NO PROBLEMS!!! I feel good at the end of a ride!!!

  • I got the mustang seat as well. Much better for us with junk in our trunks.

  • I went from stock seat to an Ultimate. It has definitely spoiled my butt.

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