• Lance Ziolkowski shared Check Twice For Motorcycles's video to the group: Honda Shadow Aero.

    poor aero

    • That was very stupid !!! He could of bought a trailer for what it's gonna cost him now.

    • Shadow's too good for this embicile.

    • I put my bike into the back of a U-Haul to move here to FL. I didn't have the motor running and I had 6 people around it when we pushed it up the ramp. Riding up would have been fine but he hit the ramp at a speed. this caused the ramp to flex, rebound, and buck him off it. Idiot.

    • too many cans of 100 proof Red Bull before doing the giddyup dump.

    • All that help around and no one lifted a finger, nice.

    • We all have those friends