• Lane splitting. Do you

    Lane splitting: Do you?

    • I never split unless at a stop light and I go to make a right turn. I only move on the right side.

    • Me too I did that once and a window came down....It was BSO undercover car. I got yelled at by a captain " what the f*** are you doing? I just smiled and apolagised and back peddled and waited my turn

    • Yep, all the time. It's legal here in the UK... it's called filtering on this side of the pond :)

    • Now that you mention that, I think I've heard the term filtering before. It's pretty common over there?

    • It's dangerous and stupid.

    • Stupid idea unless you want to be splattered on someone's car or truck one day.

    • Lol...

      It's only dangerous if you're in a place where the cagers don't expect it, and can't be arsed to use their mirrors to see they're not the only other vehicle on the road.

    • Illegal here