Last time she will ever be out not including it going for her recall


Last time she will ever be out not including it going for her recall

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  • I've had a write off (at fault) and 2 bikes stolen in the last 2 years, so insurance is predictably expensive. Parked indoors, £365 a year for third party only, social & domestic only

  • Mate I was looking for car insurance on a little smart car to get me and my son about and they quoted me 28,000 I'm not Evan joking I could not stop laughing I could buy a Bentley continental gt for cheaper then that

  • I'm 20 and mines 25 a month fully comp with 2 years no claims

  • I have 0 ncb

  • I looked at insurance on an Audi R8 for a 21 year old with no ncb and it was only 475 for the year, how do they justify it

  • Hahaha 28k! Surely they can't quote that with a straight face lol. Best I found for the Grom was 2.5k fire and theft, 7.5k comprehensive. I bought her for less than 2k

  • Car insurance is bonkers - Almera N16 2.0GT - for me, £169 FC, add my 17YO son and it leaps to £700 odd

  • Oh, and my excess is £100 - if he is driving its £500

  • I had 2yrs ncb, and was paying for protected no claims, but unfortunately 3 claim on a single policy voided my no claims. Get 1 year again if I can make it to November, fingers crossed

  • Mate trust I could not stop laughing just said yeah one minute let me go get my wallet from my pent house in my fucking Ferrari

  • Wanna sell it

  • Wait this sounds too familiar are you the bloke on YouTube who crashed the r6 and had a DRZ in London?

  • Tudor Toma mayyyybe

  • Lot of its due to them being easy to nick and like i said in the old group where i was called allsorts, folk doing stunts on mass on camera on public roads, i said then it will make insurers bump the prices up for everyone but was called everything under the sun, maybe next time i charge folk for my wisdom, always said there is a time and a place and have done daft stuff myself but putting the public at risk and riding on paths and scaring old grannies is just being a knob.

  • Take it to the track!

  • Aha I'm right ain't I :')

  • Mines £462 for the year I'm 18 was single at the time and I have mods which the insurance knows about 0 years no claims

  • Nah I'm going to get a shirt run about get a ncb and re insure it

  • It's different with a crash tho

  • Yeah what makes it worse is where I live it got voted the highest claim rate area in the UK