Last year I bought a Victory XCT It s a great bike but sometimes I miss my...

Last year I bought a Victory XCT. It's a great bike but sometimes I miss my nimble 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit. I had just replaced the chain and rear lower tooth sprocket. The friend I sold it to still rides it. So I'm signing off and leaving this group. Thanks, Carl

  • Bud. You don't have to leave the group. You ride a bike don't matter what it is. Stay with us

  • Welcome to stay. Or, if you leave you're more than welcome to come back.

  • I'm thinkin my next bike will be a Victory Cross Country. Won't be for a while though

  • I waited for the 2015 models to come out before I started shopping for this 2014 model. $21,600 & 0% financing.

  • If you want the CC model, you may consider the tour model. The trunk & saddle bags are removeable.

  • I'll look into that one for sure. Thanx!

  • Payments around 450 give or take?

  • About 346 for 5 years but I'm paying 350.

  • That's not bad