Late night ride last night open road no traffic and well she was lookin sexy


Late night ride last night, open road, no traffic and well, she was lookin sexy.

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  • Do I see exhaust twins lol

  • I think so, lookin good

  • Thank you sir! Must be nice having the original tank, mines from an older shadow and it only holds 3.5 gallons

  • It's ok, but you get more chances to stop and meet interesting people.

  • Haha ya true

  • 97 spirit....72000 still runs great

  • Is that thing raked

  • Christian McCullough i think its exhaust triplets

  • Alittle ....I was told ....but I don't think so

  • Looks like it a lot . Good look though

  • Thanks ....I live her

  • Nothing better

  • I bet she gave you that saucy wink and a smile. She's a temptress, that one.

  • The urge to go faster was there but we took it long and slow