Latest problem on my fa8

Latest problem on my fa8!

After appx 20 mins riding the abs light flashes and headlight goes out. Stop for a bit and abs light goes off and headlight comes back on???

Now here's the strange bit.....

Since flywheel etc replacement the grip heaters would only work on lower settings (also would flash if put on full power!) but when abs light flashes they work on full heat?????? Im guessing its because headlight is out and they can gain required voltage.

Anyone else had similar or am I just the most unlucky cbf owner ever?

  • I'm no expert but that sounds like a dodgy earth somewhere. I had my stator replaced in Oct last year and had nothing happen like you have. The stator replacement is covered under a 12 monh warranty, i would take it back and explain the problem is only since they had it apart. Good luck

  • Out of topic but Is it still cold up there to use grip heaters? Anyway, if it's happen every 20min riding after cold start, i think there must be very little crack on a cable cover affected by heat expansion. When the heat raised up, maybe the gap of little crack grow enough to leak (?) electricity. I suggest you have to check all cables after reaching 20min riding heat.

  • Reckon you are very unlucky with that bike Bryan. Hope you change it or starts to step up to the plate & behave like a true Honda!