• Leaving Brighton about 11 30 tomorrow morning and heading to Eastbourne for a...

    Leaving Brighton about 11.30 tomorrow morning and heading to Eastbourne for a bit of a hoon and the air show is on if anyone is gonna be there - will be my msx, a gixxer 750 and some red Chinese scooter thing (if it ain't broken down)

    • sure looks that way haha

    • Bless him

    • May do depending on weather.

    • Jay Hundoola Murray should be dry... I'm meeting people down Maderia drive in Brighton where we met last time at 11.15 if you fancy it

    • Cool sounds good. Also depends if Im still hanging lol me got too wasted last night lol.

    • I feel rough as fuck and spent way to much in strip club... Then gave a whore some more cash

    • Lol sounds like you had a good time mate

    • I did haha I'm still riding today tho lol I'll be at Maderia drive in an hour

    • Good man. Looks like I won't be joining you as work has just called me in as someone phoned in sick. Sorry mate.

    • No worries mate