Led turn signal cheap fix


Led turn signal cheap fix

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  • Where'd you get your front signals? I need new ones in a bad way, stock ones are hideous!

  • Amazon

  • I got the set cheap

  • Remember if you get leds you will need a new flasher relay

  • So get the LED flasher relay and unplugged the turn indicator at the dash? I have rear led signals I just installed. Haven't wired them up yet but didn't know how the front ones would mount

  • On mine the front after disconnect the wires the nuts in between the bar brackets loosen and remove the signals and there will be two pieces that you will unscrew from heat signal you will be free using them Ty them in and simply disconnect the orange and blue wire to the indicator light on the dash then you will not have to use any resistors

  • My bike is in 87 yours might be a little different if its new were how it mounts to the forks but all wiring is same

  • If you p.m. me on Facebook I can walk you through it it's pretty easy

  • Mines an 87 as well.. Are these like what you used?

  • Yes they are

  • And did you use a 2 prong led flasher?

  • Yes

  • Thanks man, I'll holler at you when they come in.

  • Ok np and your welcome

  • Xe nay dep do