Left the house for work and found this taped to the bike anyone else had any...


Left the house for work and found this taped to the bike... anyone else had any public appreciation

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  • I usually just get bird shit on mine :(

  • I've had 2 people in the last week saying that's a really nice bike what is it and where can I get one. There's some serious Grom love out there

  • Ah that's cute. The mentally challenged like your bike.

  • That's kinda cool minus the scotch tape. I'd be a lil pissed about that.

  • I get stopped everywhere by people asking what it is, i keep mine in my shop and every single person feels the need to mention that it is small, i hadn't noticed..

  • Quite a few with mine . Best one was "your bike look awesome " . Made my day

  • I'd be pissed if some moron put tape on my bike.

  • Dont think the black area is painted. I think its just plastic?

  • its prob some 13 year old girl with a crush on you ..

  • Last time a bird shit on mine i kicked her in the fanny and swilled her with coke the dirty cow! ;)

  • There was another note left on the seat saying dinner will be ready at 5pm love Mum

  • That was a nice note from Donald Trump didn't know he was a bike lover