Leon Nutz Allen shared Martin MK's video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

And this is why i dont park my bike on the road day or night on the road, they normally just break the locks and push the stolen bike along using the other bikes then when there out of sight they either hotwire or strip for parts

  • I'd love to catch someone try to take my bike. I'd split their skull open

  • Thick bastards.. They need a job useless cunts! Agree with you Jonny nothing a 357 magnum would not fix!

  • Scum riding round on nicked bikes trying to get more, cheese wire round the little cunts throats

  • Or one of these!

  • Does anyone have an alarm fitted? I have an alarmed disc lock that I fit with my chain. I've seen a compact one on eBay that could possibly fit under the seat

  • Ben Jewell does

  • Good old fashion baseball bat on the knee caps ....... Walk around now town now ya bastard. Deeeep satisfaction

  • Oh yes.. Or just blow the bastards kneecaps clean off

  • Lol, good man Andy

  • There's a new sheriff in town kids, "Kneecap Andy"

  • New vigalante