Lesley Ravindra shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

My first bike was Honda CBR250RR & I remember back in the days MC22 sound as same as big bikes even-though MC22 had some carburetor issues. If this bike comes to the market hence I will be all over !!!!

  • if its a twin it will be crap trust me it needs to be 4 cyclinder to be any good like the old MC22 version that went to 20,000 rpm and even with that you had to rev the head off it to get 45bhp

  • I know, but MC22 will never be back. So this is what they gonna offer after 18 years

  • That thing looks mean!

  • If this is a 4 pot I'm all over it but I'd it's a twin it's shit

  • No 4 cylinder, no party!

  • Sucks because you also have strong completion like the ktm 390 and the r3 that surpass the cbr250 by long shot. I hope Honda lives up to what they are saying

  • I think the days of 4 cylinder 250 and 400 cc bikes are gone. It's a real shame but there you have it. Even if they made a resurgence they wouldn't have gear driven camshafts, so 20k rpm would seem unlikely to ever return.

    If it did though... And if they somehow made it cost less than a cbr600, I'd be all over it.

    A twin would already be better than the current single and give Honda some kind of competition for the duke390 and r3, which lets face it with 29 odd bhp against 40 odd, the current cbr300 just isn't enough .

  • My 1st ever motorbike that I bought from my own money $

  • If you have that don't bother with a new one if you want it to look a bit newer get a tyga kit like this

  • I know Gavin, I sold it in after some times in Srilanka then bought CBR600RR. This 250RR got some serious carb issues that flood every now and then.

  • Id actually have an accident in my pants if Honda did a new CBR250R or RVF400. Jesus Christ!