Lesson learnt always cover my brakes when spraying acf 50 lol


Lesson learnt, always cover my brakes when spraying acf-50 lol

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  • You didn't crash it did you?

  • No didn't crash it just didn't really have any brakes yesterday, I can feel the acf-50 coming off and my brakes coming back now though

  • just to be safe mate, take your pads out use some brake cleaner on the disks and then sand your pads down a bit to get rid of the grease.

  • Anything I can use instead of brake cleaner, I don't have any and well, it's a Bloody Sunday lol

  • Just be careful with your brakes and allow extra stopping distance just in case

  • Yer I been using my brakes as much as possible to wear it all off lol

  • A lot of people will tell you to bin the pads and change them honestley get some brake cleaner tomorrow, take the pads out clean them them sand them down a bit then clean them again with brake cleaner, then clean the disk with brake cleaner you seriously don't want to screw your brakes up and ACF50 is very very slippery and greasy stuff

  • Na I'll do that and I know, I got some on my shoes and it was like I was walking on bloody ice lol

  • Just dont spray in the direction of tyres and brakes... Holy shit dude this can get dangerous very fast.