Let s see them 420s


Let's see them 420s

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  • When you going to xtreme again

  • Idk bud. Hopefully soon

  • My bikes outta commission for a little bit longer in need of mud therapy though

  • Yeah I hear ya. I flipped mine crossing the river there lol

  • lol I just put 32s and a gr in mine

  • That's coming next

  • Gr or 32s

  • Both

  • Don Oglesby is the best for the 2 inch lift 3 inch stretch everyone is running him and clears 32 with cutting plastic

  • Damn. Hell yea!

  • $320 shipped to your door

  • Okay thanks man

  • No problem hmu when you go to xtreme though

  • Okay

  • Or Bon Temps I go there 2 lol

  • I've never been there

  • I'm basile, LA

  • It's in*

  • I might have to check it out

  • Great place

  • I live a mile from Bon Temps. Awesome place. Not open yet this year. I'm anxious. Lol

  • Damian Lyons they've fill all the holes and starting over so in interested in see how it's gunna be

  • Yeah. They usually try to fix them up during the season, but sometimes it just stays too wet too long. And yeah, me too. I'm ready to see what all they did.

  • They had 1 hole that I would hit there that I've never seen a single person hit before

  • Yeah. They had a few bad ones. Lmao. In our group we always had one person willing to try just about any of them.

  • That's right