• Let s talk about customizing exhaust rejetting the carbs

    Let's talk about customizing exhaust & rejetting the carbs...

    Let's see & hear what you've done.

    Do I need to buy an upgrade or can I modify my current carb?

    • My experience is that with bolt-on mods you should just need to replace main jets and can adjust idle screw rather than replacing idle jets.

    • So I did this. This vid was right after I cut it, I had not messed with the carbs yet. Since then I've adjusted the idle jet only. The plugs look to be a little warm but not super white/hot/lean. I am getting about the same lean pop as I had when it was completely stock. I may bump up to the stage 1 jet kit just to try to calm the deceleration down a little.

    • This guy did like yours, Chad Foster, & just added some tips...think I'll try it!


    • I plan on adding those as well. I just haven't had a chance to do it yet. This is the video that gave me the idea. There are a couple more videos if I get a chance to find them I'll link them.

    • Not a video but this guy did the same.

    • Btw. Mine isn't super loud. The video makes it sound like it is. It's a little loud but nothing compared to some of my friends Harley's. My only complaint is that it is a little buzzy at higher revs. If you didn't know. We have large heat shields over very small factory pipes which gives it a certain quality even with the muffler cut off.

    • turn the mixture screw out 1/4 turn at a time until the popping goes away. You shouldnt need new jets for just pipes. Just need to richen it up a little. Oh, and dont forget to synch the carbs