Let s try that again Simpson Bandit lids are finally available as road legal...

Let's try that again... "Simpson Bandit lids are finally available as road legal kit in the UK.

The helmets are approved to the ECE22-05 European standard, meaning they are now legal across the continent. The American makers had felt that the effort required to pass the British standard was too great for the sales it would gain., But now there is a Euro-wide standard it has put its lids forward for approval.

Despite the lack of legal clearance in the past, the lids have always been popular with streetfighter riders. The main alteration to the previous design is increasing the top of the visor space to give greater visibility" http://www.motorcyclenews.com/ news/2003/october/road-legal-s impson-lids-for-the-uk/

  • That post was in 2003? Damn lol

  • My exhaust is still illegal, however LOL

  • Nice helmet


  • Chuckle, thanks, chuckle.

  • These were cooler when it was illegal to wear them on motorbikes

  • amirite?

  • My super bandit saved my life.