• Lets see them 350 s

    Lets see them 350's

    • Long going project lol

    • Sweet rig! Who made ur bumper

    • This is all that I got right now cause it's a new phone but I'll try to get more, right now it's all stock running just over 14,000kms still going strong and has a 15" cheap spot/flood combo and that's it! I am thinking about going with a aftermarket exhaust probably a hmf and maybe the hmf chip or what ever or a fmf

    • Slightly modified

    • Wanna trade tires and rims?

    • Johnny Earby I've built everything

    • Wyatt Wyatt Williamson

    • How hard was it to go irs

    • Wasn't to hard. Took a rear half out of a Suzuki king quad 700 but this project is still under construction

    • Work in progress