Lights to be seen

Lights to be seen.

  • Sounds good man. Looks nice too. I just changed blinkers. Not bright enough for what i was hoping. But get what you pay for. I post when i up grade them in a few days

  • How much did these cost you Charles Keyton Jr.

  • How'd you set it up, which control modules would I need? The intelligent module?

  • I got both the front and back for $300. They have made a big difference out here we lane split and it is like parting the Red Sea. The see me now and it registers with them. The are made bike specific. Do not load up the electrical system and because California is screwed up they have a special flicker rate that is legal out here.

  • I contacted them because the have mounting kits for each bike. The also told me what I needed because I live in California and it has laws on the flicker rate. It took mr 30 min to install. Contact them they are really a great bunch of guys.

  • Also they can me set as 4.way flashers.

    Emergency Flasher

    Why an emergency flasher?

    Because motorcycles are notoriously hard to see.

    Should you need to pull over in a high traffic area or you're in a situation where traffic behind you needs to be warned of an emergency ahead, you can quickly switch your P3 Lights to an extremely bright, high-visibility, emergency mode. In this mode they can display one of 3 different emergency lighting sequences:

    continuous flash: flash twice per second, similar to 4-way flashers

    rapid continuous flash: flash 5 times per second

    quad flash: flash rapidly 4 times, pause, then repeat

    To activate the emergency flasher mode, please refer to the programming section in the menu on the left of the previous page.

    Emergency mode is canceled as soon as the brake is activated. P3 Lights then revert to normal operation until the emergency mode is programmed once again.

  • my tail light mod

  • Can you make this public so we can share

  • Nice

  • It does not give me that choice.

  • It's the little drop down arrow beside the video top right of screen

  • Ahh