Listen I m tired of hear that custom is not good I m 15 years old and I...


Listen... I'm tired of hear that custom is not good. I'm 15 years old, and I bought a bike for $1,000. When I got my bike it was rusty and ugly. So I spent $500 on it. So now it's a bike built for my taste , NOT YOURS! some like custom and some dont. That's life. accept other's personal opinions. Grow up .

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  • Thanks here's my gz250. I gave $200 out of a barn. The lady's husband died and refused to take anymore than $200 for it

  • Very sweet bike

  • Sweet!

  • I want to cut that big pipe off and run it straight like yours

  • Fuck yeah kid!

  • You got talent kid let your imagination run wild. What yours is yours and you don't need anyone's approval. Ride on and never look back.

  • It's awesome Bro, be proud of your achievements you built it with your own hands, fair play to you. Xxxx

  • Got new pipes a few weeks ago I've just been waiting for rainy weather to put them on. I don't care what other people think, it's my bike. And I have heard you do not have to rejet.

  • Screw what everybody else thinks you do you brother

  • Some people just dont got the budget for a really nice bike. Now you can built it youd own taste and budget

  • No. But i have moved the e-clip on the jetneedle. But that was needed because i put on a pod filter.

  • :)

  • It's YOUR bike, people don't like it, they can kick rocks!