Lithium vs lead battery And why I now have had both Anybody with bad...

Lithium vs lead battery. And why? I now have had both. Anybody with bad experiences with lithium. Contemplating upgrading my stator cus of dual 35W led headlights.

  • Lithium is far superior to lead batteries. Lighter, they dont loose their charge like lead batteries do if they just sit for a while. You can get lithium batteries with double the cranking amps for the same size. only issue is Lithium batteries require a lithium battery charger to keep them in tip top shape

  • I switched to lithium and it wont stay charged. My lead would crank a few times. Had to jump it my last ride which was only the second time i fired that battery up. I had a tender for the lead state. Dont have tender for the lituim yet but dont get why its so dead even after a good long ride. I had same light set up on old battery. Think bigger stator might help or see what happens with lithium tender?

  • well you need to see if your scooter is charging the battery while you are riding. The higher the RPMS the more volts you should be getting to the battery. while parked and the scooter on with the lights if your volts drop low espcially below 12V then that is your issue

  • I always make sure to turn off all lights whiled parked. Rarely turn my underglow on while moving either. Id have to hook up a volt reader to see while moving. Im sure ill figure it out. Just been hearing alot of locals here having more problems after they got lithium as well.

  • to me it seems you got too much aftermarket stuff connected to your scooter and your stator cant handle it all and charge the battery. The volt meter will easily tell you that.