Little help guys noticed this was out on the way to work What s the quickest...


Little help guys, noticed this was out on the way to work. What's the quickest way to check the connections? Also, the indicator works but not the normal running function, are they dual bulbs? or is the issue likely just a connection?

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  • Mine done the same thing, just changed the bulb and sorted :)

  • Mine did it too... Water ingress... dismantle... clean... GT85... reassemble... sorted...!!!

  • Ok, just a bulb then :) something to do at lunch time at work

  • Get that sorted ASAP, looks like the left indicator is on.

  • You can use the screwdriver in the on board toolkit to remove the lens.

  • Inspect the bulb, a filament has most likely blown.

  • I'd swap the bulbs around to see if it's bulb issue or connection ..

  • Got the bulbs... do I just pop the lens off or what? Gotta eat with what's left of my lunch break, it'll have to wait until i'm home I guess...

  • Just unscrew lens. Pop bulb out and put new in done

  • Job done :) it's happy and all working

  • That was my worry that on my home someone might thing my flasher was broken and I was indicating and pull out on me...