• Little words of advice from the experienced would be nice about now

    Little words of advice from the experienced would be nice about now...

    1. I need to buy front and rear brake pads and I don't know jack about atv pads... I just bought a brand new rear rotor from EBC because mine was warped. What are suggestions and why do you like or stay away from?

    2. I am buying decals/graphics and putting them on brand new never before opened plastics all the way around. Do I need to prep the plastics at all for the graphics? Have ANY of you cleared your graphics afterwords? I will be running a plastic tank.

    3. Have any of you used a hi flite desert seat before or ridin anything that had one and rode the exact same machine with the stock seat. Mine is destroyed and I have a seat pan. So it is pay an upholstery shop for a brand new aftermarket seat or hi flite desert seat that is thicker and taller. Recommendations?

    4. I have purchased fork seals for my front forks. If you look on the Oscar Mayer repair manual it appears to be #3 as an oil seal that sits inside the fork. Today the lightbulb came on and I saw on eBay they have what looks like #1 as a dust seal but it isn't really called that especially under a 350x. I know we run 35mm forks but are dust seals interchangeable for any brand if it is for "35mm"? I also NEED to know what else I should replace while I am tearing my forks apart including tools to do the job. I have heard of progressive springs for the lower fork springs but is there a way for me to test my current fork springs? And are "any 35mm" progressive springs good to go?

    5. My rear shock makes all the correct click sounds on the soft and hard and 1-4 for dampening/rebound adjustments. But by just pressing on it and halfway jumping my butt on it I honestly can't tell a difference. Gentle Coaching sought please. This is my first rear suspension trike I've owned let alone am restoring. What do I look out for to know it is going bad or needs rebuilt? What about when will it possibly need a fresh nitrogen charge?

    6. My other frame will be back next week from the fabrication shop after being given a gusset kit. When I move my swing arm over my current swing arm bearings should still be fine to swap over, correct? They currently have zero issues at the time.

    Seriously, any and all help with details pictures links etc will be greatly appreciated and will continue to be paid forward to help bring ATCs back to life. Thanks guys!

    • Even with clear coat?

    • Face palming. Why doesn't anyone make aluminum tanks anymore. Mine has no rust just dented to crap. Can't have that with everything else new :(

    • Next to the gas cap

    • I guess not. I'm out of town working till late Saturday. Top of my head the sides are fine and the crest. It's literally the "flat" area going to and some of the crest next to the gas cap. I figured Clarke tank was best solution

    • You can coat the inside of a plastic tank and get paint or anything you want to stick to it. Oem brake pads will outlast anything.

    • Are you talking about the same coating stuff used on the inside of rusty gas tanks? What is it called?