Local shop doesn t carry the round main jets for Mikuni knockoffs so I m...

Local shop doesn't carry the round main jets for Mikuni [knockoffs] so I'm looking for suggestions before I order some to tune our CT90. Lifan 125 with a VM22 carb: what's your jetting?

  • I tried the vm22 with Lifan 125 last summer. I couldn't get ti to cooperate.. I think the vm22 may just be too big. (I know the carb that comes with the Lifan 125 is 22mm, but the vm is physically much larger)

  • My Lifan 125 was woefully under-jetted. I replaced them with a 40 slow and 110 main and it runs great now. **38 and 40 pilot jets (Keihin 3J style) from www.jetsrus.com

    **105, 108, 110 main jets (Keihin N424-35 style), 3.9mm threads from www.jetsrus.com