Located in North Texas

Located in North Texas.

I have parts for the Honda Shadow 750 Phantom...

I have:

1. Vance and Hines Short Shots

2. Cobra Fuel Programmer/Tuner (bike is fuel injected)

3. Quick Detachable Windshield (Switchblade)

4. Crash Bar

Make offers... All of it is super clean with low mileage and I sold the bike... It all cost about $1000 new. I've got all the hardware that comes with it. I don't really want to ship but we can work something out if needed.

I Just need this stuff out of my way.

I will have this post up for a 1-2 weeks. So start making offers and I'll get in touch with you. Thanks.

  • We're neighbors, I live in Denton... I want those pipes! But my bike budget is maxed out right now...

  • We'll save up some money man.

  • I paid $450 for them. I'd like to sell them and the tuner together for $450 though. The tuner was $200.

  • But let me know man. May trade for stuff. Pm me.

  • What does the tuner do ?

  • It tunes the fuel-air ratio.

  • For the fuel injected models.

  • SO. Heres my question. fuel injected got the electric choke. if i youse that tool swill it run smoother in idle? my fucker runs on 1200 rpm or so

  • Honda has there idle set high for whatever reason. This is so it doesn't run so fat. It helps lean it up... because now you'd be allowing more airflow with exhaust. So this levels out the air ratio. And it just runs smoother for sure.

  • Thank you for the advice Mate