Long Distance ride. Which Mods


Long Distance ride. Which Mods?

Hello. I have a new Grom SF and I'm thinking of riding it 1500 miles to Bulgaria (and 1500 miles back) from England later this year. It already has full Yoshi exhaust, Michelin City Grip Winter Tyres and K-Tech shocks and fork cartridges. I've also had the seat modified but am yet to test it on a long run. Should I go for a Corbin instead?

Which other mods would you suggest (if any) for this trip?



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  • usb socket - charge your phone or devices :P

  • chiropractor on demand

  • You should probably remove the Yoshi exhaust as hearing it all day long wont do any good.

  • One guy I met on a ride had an airhawk air seat, he swore by it for comfort. If your putting that many miles down might be worth looking into

  • Nice big bag of patience, as that'll take you fucking ages on a 125. Are you riding on L plates? You can't leave UK if so.

  • Thanks. No not riding on L plates.

  • Ear plugs, a puncture repair kit under the seat, would look for a big screen as well might look crap but you will thank yourself for having it on lol 1500 miles will be good a few of us here have done 400 mile days and it's not the worst thing in the world just chill out take breaks when you want to and enjoy the ride

  • Another non-yoof on a 125. What's wrong with us all

  • Bet you were walking like John Wayne after. Can you imagine four of them in a row... And then turning round to do it all again??

  • Aha it was a bit sore after but if you gave me 4 days there and 4 days back with enough breaks through the day on nice roads with a good seat I'd do it again in a heartbeat we did 400 miles of consistent riding to cheddar gorge lol

  • Upgraded oil pump + maybe an oil cooler. As Aaron mentioned about running WOT all day, would be worth making sure the engine can keep cool. Could also fit a smaller sprocket in the rear to drop some cruising RPM, but the bike will feel very sluggish.

  • Yeah. And it was all flat out racing the whole way there and the whole way back lol

  • Aaron Mortimer thanks Aaron. Useful info about the big end bearings. I'll be in no great hurry on this ride so hopefully not on WOT too much.

  • You won't have to worry about running wot all day. My groms engine has spent 90% if not more of its life in the red line and I'm getting close to 14,000 miles without an issue or any noises from the crank bearings. I do have a kitaco clutch cover and takagawa oil pump, no cooler yet. Last summer my temps avg 240*f on long wot runs, one time saw 264*f on a super hot day on a long wot run up some canyons.

    I'd upgrade the stock chain so you arn't adjusting it every 300 miles. I did a 428 chain conversion on my Grom and love it. Hasn't needed an adjustment in 3,000 miles so far.

    Pack up a small tool kit that lets you do basic maintenance. Here's my tool kit(I took the wire tool out and replaced the bubble wrap with a small rag). I can do anything on the bike with it and the sockets(17/19mm)/ratchet under my seat aside from changing a tire, only have half the tools I want for that at the moment.

    I also run a product called "ride on" in my tires. It balances them and will plug most tire punctures.

    When you do the trip keep us updated! I'm interested in hearing about it!

  • Thanks Patrick. I will keep you all posted on the trip when I get underway. It's a few months away yet but probably looking to set off in May.

  • Good tip on the 428 chain. OEM chains are junk and would need adjusting several times in 3k mike's, if they lasted that long. I imagine the improved oil pump will help with cooling as it would get the oil flowing faster around the head and cases. The new side cover improves filtration which can't be a bad thing. Just got to have in mind what you're willing to spend is all

  • Aaron Mortimer I didn't notice any drop in temperature from the oil pump. Just figured 30% more oil flow would help since most of my riding is high rpm. Plus it's kinda a prerequisite for a bbk that I'll eventually do.

  • Very handy I've a little one my bars and short charge lead

  • About another 800cc

  • It would be a good trip your have to do an oil change or 2 on the way

  • James Tinson