• Longer vid bad quality finbro 235cc

    Longer vid bad quality finbro 235cc

    • Why do you say that the Finbro is bad quality?

    • Vid quality is bad

    • im surprised, ive heard the 235 kits have overheating problems

    • That sounds fucking mighty? Anywhere I can get performance figures?

    • apparently 27rwhp

    • Ryan Grenville - are you using the entire Finbro Kit ?

      finbro ecu, throttle body etc etc? seems commonplace the finbro ecu is junk../ discuss.

    • Full finbro we will see how it goes

    • Have to put the bike all back together and ride but seattle weather isn't helping to much on the ride part been raining all week

    • Talk to Franco C. Rodriguez

    • Seems to idle very smooth,