Look if anyone s selling a hand break set up message me Missed Charlie s one...


Look, if anyone's selling a hand break set up, message me! Missed Charlie's one and id have paid way more than he sold it for! Get at me

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  • Just order from Thailand

  • I'm ordering on Wednesday

  • I need one aswell

  • What website

  • Do a group buy^^

  • Dark knight street on facebook brett

  • That's what I was trying to arrange. If people want them then message dks to get prices of what you want then send your order to me and we can arrange to out it in one order to get discount and cheaper postage.

  • Stuart Sinclair Brett Quainton do it!!

  • Gavin Msx Robinson get in on the group buy!!

  • I only need the calliper bracket and mounts as just ordered rsc19s

  • Pm me with what you want. I will put another post up tomorrow as well but I'm ordering on Wednesday evening. Don't be the one who misses out.

  • What site can I type in for the double brake set up...? Been also lookin too get a set up next month...

  • Perfect stranger designs on facebook

  • Or dark knight Street on Facebook. I'm doing a group buy from them this week. Hoping to get discount and combined postage.

  • He's in USA Ashley Middleton

  • Oh didn't notice. Ignore me.

  • No worries! Is Stuart Sinclair in on your group buy?

  • Yes

  • Sweet

  • He's also going for the twin 4 pot setup

  • Nice :)