Looking around for options again now that I ve ordered my new ape hangers

Looking around for options again now that I've ordered my new ape hangers. Went with 12" El Diablo. Motion pro has contacted me with info on custom making the cable lengths, but was just curious if any companies offered kits or selectable lengths for apes instead of waiting on the custom cables. 02 shadow spirit 750dc.


  • Rip off a Harley lol

  • I was curious if any of the Harley kits would work. I know there's a lot of Harley parts you can use, but the cables are a little iffy lol

  • Yeah they are. But a lot of the cables are long enough. Figure maybe there would be like an extension kit or something

  • Not on a Spirit. 100% sure on this.

  • Motion pro makes a +12 cable right off the shelf.. I put 12" Apes on my 2006 Honda shadow spirit.. I think the two throttle and clutch cable cost me 91$ with shipping.. My brake line I ordered from a different dealer

  • I have heard of people using stock Aero cables. Supposedly they are longer than Spirit cables, but I never could find a measurement.

  • Wouldn't happen to have a link to that would you? I was only finding oem cables on motion pro, anything else needed custom ordered.

  • I was trying to go off your measurements you gave me a while back, but motion pro told me that newer spirits and my year were different.

  • I called this person, they are a stock item so no extra charge for building custom.. If you want OEM +12" cables

  • I found them on my desktop computer on their website, but not from my cell phone

  • This guy custom built my Brake line

  • Ahhhh. Maybe so brother. What I ended up doing for the same reason was waiting till my bars came in and actually measuring for my cables before ordering them. It was brutal to have my bars and have to wait for cables, but I knew they would be the right cables.

  • This is my spirit 1100 with 12" apes and stock cables, they worked, but we're a little tight, eventually moved to 15" apes and definitely needed new ones for those haha

  • Must have had longer cables on that year model. This is my '07 Spirit with 10" Apes and 1 1/2" risers

  • Maybe so, I definitely had to put everything on with the bars laid flat against the tank and then adjust them, and the brake line was the tightest fit

  • And is yours the 750 or 1100? 1100 is a bigger bike frame wise, maybe the stock cables are a touch longer? Idk

  • Maybe. Mines a 750 and literally nothing reached with 12's. Throttle may have barely made it, but I was afraid it would stick, so I just ordered 14's and measured once the bars were on the bike.