• Looking at 2 bikes one is a 1985 Honda Shadow Ace 750 with jardine exhaust...

    Looking at 2 bikes, one is a 1985 Honda Shadow Ace 750 with jardine exhaust, comes with a few extra parts- Spare seat(ripped a little bit) battery , gas tank , brake cables, head light, handle grips, foot pegs , back springs licence plate coverwinter cover, face sheild , saddle bag, also has cruise control

    the other bike is a 1985 Honda cb450 nighthawk with harley mufflers, has brand new clutch, pressure plates, friction plates, springs and side gasket.

    Which one would be a better bike?

    • Buy both then sell one you don't like as much.

    • If i had $2600 i would

    • Personally like shadow better, the night hawk is more of a street bike.

    • true but a higher set of bars, shorter rear fender, solo seat and you got yourself a decent bobber looking bike with the nighthawk

    • If youre gonna Bob it, go with the bigger cc engine

    • i wont want to bob the shadow though, i think the smaller bikes look better bobbed out,

    • Thats my vn750

    • The bigger the better 750!

    • Another this is the 750 is 2hrs away. The 450 is like 20min

    • Just found out that the nighthawk has a bigger sprocket on the rear

    • I like the way you think

    • Thanks. Pretty much what i did to mine lol

    • Although wen i got mine it was chopped

    • Thats my bike the day i got it. First pic was yesterday