Looking for a cheap rebuild. Anyone use these before


Looking for a cheap rebuild. Anyone use these before?

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  • I got one and its bein revved and still alive.

  • Well I think I might wade in here. Go the lifan. The 125's are pretty damn good and you won't be disappointed. Those that say they are Chinese rubbish, where's the proof for your statement? A friend of a friends dogs uncle had one once maybe? Anyway. My wife and I are running these exact engines in our posties and are riding them around the world. Mine dropped a big end because I didn't tighten the dump plug up so my fault, and my wife's did over 30 000km's of hard over landing from Adelaide to Sydney then from Vancouver in Canada up into Alaska and back down through Canada and then through the states to Los Angeles. Over 30 000 k's and never put a part into it. Just oil changes, sparkplug and the odd valve adjustment. We flogged them hard up and down the Rockies mountains, over passes at 3899 meters, through sand tracks and through Death Valley. But the motor. Ride it and look after it like you would your Honda engine.

  • I did 5000kms on my Logan 125 no dramas at all. Much more power and top speed. Just regular services. Very good value for money

  • Lifans rock. Cheaper than fixing a CT110 engine (and more power). Only downside is you gotta run a clutch.

  • Ashton seems to just have this whole Chinaphobia thing happening. The majority of people who've ACTUALLY OWNED AND SERVICED their Lifan have said that they're actually very reliable, including myself. They're never going to have the quality control or longevity of a Honda, but you'll definitely get some serious miles out of them. Definitely worth the $300 odd to get a brand new motor.

  • Thank you. Seriously, people shit on these engines with next to no credible evidence to actually back it up.

  • I threw a brand new lifan 140 in my old postie and it didn't last long, then I threw a yx160 in, blew that up and then rebuilt it with a tb184cc kit and blew that up on the first ride. My china days are done. You guys can buy them all you like

  • My YX didn't like its bolts lol

    Shook most of them off

    Also the magneto didn't agree with the stator and lights

    Had fuck all light on some rides

    But the power is epic

    Overtaking at 80km is a awesome feeling on a postie hahaha

  • Yeah they are great when they are running.... haha. Used to get my yx off the clock no worries. Just didnt last long

  • What happened to yours ?

  • Lost power and was blowing smoke so i rebuilt it with the tb184 kit and that seized on the first ride

  • Oh shit

  • Haha

  • Mine I think destroyed the valves

  • Sell outs that would prefer Chinese ownership of Australia and funding it with shit pitbike crap. May aswel buy a Honda grom

  • My Lifan runs perfect still after 10k miles...never had a problem

  • I was wondering why you were so anti-China, but then I saw the One Nation poster in the back of your profile picture and it all just clicked... Great to see what your real agenda is mate.

  • The Grom's rock!!!

  • One nation? Ugh.

  • My postie is named Pauline in case you were wondering. I ride jap bikes so what's my agenda. Japan isn't sending Australia bankrupt

  • The man has a point

  • The question was whether to get a Lifan motor or not. Let's leave the politics out of it and just answer the question for the guy, shall we?