• Looking for advice I m wanting to know has any one wired there rear blinkers...

    Looking for advice. I'm wanting to know has any one wired there rear blinkers to also be running lights and how did you go about doing it?

    On my 1994 Honda Shadow spirit vt1100, Im wanting to make the rear blinkers also running lights. I got new 3 wire blinkers but the bike only has 2 wires for blinkers.

    • Run a wire from the power to the rear running light (you'll have to track which one is running/brake) and splice into the running wire.

    • Make sure your fuse in box is compatible with the new bulbs

    • I bought a junk set of front signals and took the guts out and put them into my rear tail light housings and tied the wiring into the license plate light for tail light It's easy to do.

    • I did that with an old car I had. No third brake light so I made one lol.

    • I was told that for tennessee and georgia, i would have to use red lenses if i were gonna use then for running lights. Check local laws

    • Kuryakyn deep dish lens. About $40 bucks

    • You have three wires. Ground. bright, low. Ground is ground. Low is key power high is blink. Make sure the bulb is right impedance. At least 23 two filament.

    • That's true. It's safer to use red anyway, honestly, most drivers think orange is a hazard

    • put front 3 wire turns on it or install 60cm red halos like I did

    • tap into your license plate light or your tail light for the third wire constant voltage to make your turn signals on all the time as running lights, then wire the other two wires up as normal for turn signals. Make sure you have a two filament bulb.

    • I put these on my shadow as well

    • Lucked out on the front ones. I was already checking prices and knew the kuryakyn part number. Found a set a lady was selling on eBay that part of the tag was torn off and she didn't know what they fit but i recognized the number and got them for $5

    • As far as I know, amber running lights on the rear of anything is illegal everywhere.

    • I have done something similar. I added lights to my saddle bags between the buckles. I tapped in to my turn signals for it though, that way if I am turning the vehicle beside me can see from the side instead of just from the rear. I just cut in to the existing wiring and soldered and heat shrinked everything together. The only thing that was a pain was acessing the wire further down to hide the connection. I had to remove my saddle bags and all my brackets to do it.