looking for advice. looking to do my a2 licence i believe as im on 22 in the uk

looking for advice. looking to do my a2 licence i believe as im on 22 in the uk. would this be classed a full licence? i know ilp be restricted to 300 cc (looking at cbr 300s in red

  • i didnt know what to put on quotes when i was looking. im having a ground anchor installed and i didnt know about security markings / trackers? do they make a difference? worth the extra costs?

  • Not sure mate I don't bother putting things like that on... it's the value, annual mileage, storage and storage address that effect the premium the most

  • yeah i mean ive had a car licence for 5 year. im a named driver now as selling my car for a bike and ide only be doing around 3 -4k a year as i bike work mostly

  • If you're only getting third party cover only always put your vehicle value as low as possible.. and don't put your annual mileage too high.. I put mine as the lowest estimate I can

  • Yeah 4K mileage is about what I've put tbh and it's made my policy very cheap

  • yeah i want fully comp as ive always had that i spose

  • I used to pay 1500 a year on a brand new RC390

  • Depends on the bike you get and how much it's worth but I've always seen fully comp to be a waste of money because if you claim on it you'll just end up paying the money you saved back when your premium sky rockets with a claim

  • well the cbr 300 are looking around 3k osh

  • I can understand why they restrict you in the UK, but I don't believe in that. If you get ur license, they should let u get whatever the hell u want.

  • I Think you can get a 600 and get it restricted as far as I know. If still allowed. Most then go remove the restriction after getting certificate.

    As for insurance 800 seems pretty fair for young rider in the uk. But if you went for say a cbr600f2. You can get that insured for under £100 under classic bike insurance. Mine cost £76 fully comp with 1 years No claims

  • I'm sorry to say the cbr 600 can't be used on a restricted liscense certainly not an f3 not too sure about f2. My son found out the hard way.

    If you need more info contact this guy.

    kickstart_engineering On eBay he makes restrictor kits.

    If you look for a2 bikes .co.uk that will give you a list of bikes which can be restricted

  • I read a few write up on restricting a 600+ to 33Bhp to conform to license restriction. And know a chap who did it with a gxsr 600. I just had a quick search and seems no change to law. What they do on the carbed cbr600 is fit a air flow restriction plate in the intake of the carbs

  • That's the one Mark.

  • It's all to do with how much power they produce before being restricted.

  • Don't bother with the cbr 300 go for the 500r mate