Looking for an exhaust for my new toy preferably deep sound but not obnoxiously...


Looking for an exhaust for my new toy, preferably deep sound but not obnoxiously loud! Any recommendations??

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  • 200+Shipping

  • Price/link?

  • Leo vince

  • Fyan Rish a full Yoshi system is approx £520 from authorised deakers

  • Rs2 cost 450 and the bigger one is a r77s and that was around 600

  • I didn't want to eat next month anyway, thank you lads

  • Fyan Rish

  • yoshiumra rs2 mini for the sf model

  • Link to sound?

  • Mine, I'm Dessies mate Fyan!

  • Yosh

  • Yep, Yoshi RS2 is loud but not obnoxious and sound is nice. Get a removable baffle to change the note a bit.

  • Sounds perfect however it costs a bomb

  • The rs2 is the cheapest yoshi ben at bens racing bikes sells them for 450 which is a very decent price

  • Buy it from?

  • It wasnt cheap but definitely worth it

  • 100% Luke Revello my old man got the rs2 and i prefer it to my r77s for noise

  • Alex Jones agreed. It sounds amazing. It has a nice deep rumble without the baffle and a snappy tone. Loud enough for me but not obnoxious. Honestly can't say a bad thing about it.

  • Totally worth it. I liked the R77s but couldn't find a seller at the time. The RS2 is a little smaller I think but you probably wouldn't notice.

  • My Yoshi was sourced by my Honda dealer Newcastle Motorcycles.

  • Rs2 is alot smaller my r77s is massive compared to it there both awesome though