Looking for help on recommendations for gloves boots and jackets

Looking for help on recommendations for gloves, boots and jackets.

Not looking to break the bank but do want to be safe. My typical riding will consist of 95% commuting on back roads to and from work, meaning I'll need a boot that is comfortable to walk in as well.

My commute is to a train and about 5 miles. I'll also do weekend rides but honestly have no desire at least for now to be a highway junkie so ya, Military boots would probably be fine as well. I tore my Achilles 5 years ago so I wear inserts, so not even sure if boots have decent heel support anyways (hoping they do lol).

So ya, love to know people's recommendations on boots, gloves and jackets.

  • I just picked up a textile jacket made by speed and strength for 130 bucks. Has armor on shoulders forearms and back. Totally worth it in my opinion. Gloves for me are just the mechanics impact gloves and my everyday workboots. Decide if you want leather or textile then shop around a bit. Make sure to try on as many jackets as u can til u find the right one cuz even with the e same manufacturers they dont always fit the same. Good luck and remember whatever money u spend on protective gear can be replaced a lot easier than what you could lose witbout it

  • I wear xelement boots and jacket. Decent price and comfortable and good quality. Bought from LeatherUp

  • for a textile jacket I have an Olympia Alpha Jacket. Its a little pricey (300.00) but I really like it. Well made, and it comes with full thermal liner that can be zipped out. a Ran Jacket that can be internal or External and all of the CE rated armor (Shoulders, Elbows, and Back).


  • i have to say, although i am interested in them for the price and reviews there whole "you pay shipping back" garbage is rediculous. Its bad enough that there sizing is off by 1-2 sizes, but then to expect a customer to pay for that is crazy. How can anyone know how to size something if they are WAY off?

  • Milwaukee Road Captain

  • I have 2 jackets. 1 is a Viking textile 3 season jacket with the lining and the other is a Speed and Strength run with the bulls jacket and joe rocket glove

  • anyone have any experience with Xelement boots? I am deciding between the Road Captains (pictured above) and the Immortals.

    https://www.leatherup.com/p/Me ns-Motorcycle-Boots/Xelement-X 93015-BLACK-Immortal-Mens-Blac k-Performance-Leather-Boots/15 743981.html

    I have read positive and negative stuff about Xelement jackets but have yet to see any negative reviews about there boots.

  • would you say they run normal, wide or thin? I see they sell a wide version but no one has them at all in-stock. I am a middle ground between wide and normal but I typically buy wide.

  • I am a college student with a 45 min commute one way. I wear my riding shoes all day long, with walking back and forth on campus, have been wearing Cortech Vice WP boots for about a year. With features from top to bottom, they cost $100.